Best Exercise for Cervical Pain

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Cervical pain is a neck pain which is caused by any injuries or abnormalities. Cervical pain has become very common among the youngsters as well as old aged people. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. There are certain exercises which can be done in a regular basis to get relief from the cervical pain.

Many people who get this pain practice various exercises. In many situations it works if the exercise is right and others do just in a vain. Stretching the neck and rotating can be very helpful for relieving the pain. There are six ranges of rotation of neck in this exercise. One should do all the ranges to get much pain relief. If you are in a hurry then you can only try the most difficult ranges for some time.

The exercise can be better done only by sitting in the chair in the good posture keeping the neck straight. The six ranges of this exercise are listed below:

  1. Neck Flexion – In this range, slowly lower your neck down by lowering your chin towards the chest and hold till 15-20 seconds.
  2. Neck Extension – This can be done by lowering your head towards back as far as you can.
  3. Right Lateral Flexion – This is done by lowering the right ear towards the right shoulder.
  4. Left Lateral Flexion – This is done by lowering the left ear towards the left shoulder.
  5. Right Rotation – This exercise is done by slowly turning your head towards the right.
  6. Left Rotation – This is performed by slowly turning your head towards the left.

When all these above ranges of relieving the cervical pain are done effectively, there is higher chance of getting cured of this pain. If everyday neck stretches are done, there is a very less chance of severe neck pain and stress will also be out.

Neck pain is common in most of the people and there are several medical cures as well for this pain. But doing these exercises could be the best remedy for relieving the cervical pain. The neck stretch is also not time consuming stuff. A person can perform this within three to five minutes so “I do not have time” excuse cannot be used. This neck stretch is very useful for the people who need to work in front of the computer by sitting in a chair which is not comfortable. This is one of the best, easiest, effective and less time consuming pain curing exercises.

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neck pain

Best Exercise for Cervical Pain