Travelling is one of the best things to give you a break from your daily routine. It is always refreshing to explore new places. Here is a list of those beautiful places,which are not as popular as other places, but worth visiting and seeing in 2018.



Malta is an island country which is located in the deep blue water of central Mediterranean Sea. Malta is a group of beautiful islands, which are very small but strategically important. Valletta is the capital of Malta. The elegant city Valletta is the evidence to the glory of the chevaliers of Malta. This beautiful city is attached by two ports –The Grand Harbor and Marsamxett Harbor. Valletta’s 5000 old history is worth watching.Other than Valletta, Gozo island is the blissful and most ideal place of the Maltese islands. This has some beautiful landscape, peaceful city and spotless beaches. Mdina is also a worth visiting place in Malta, which is considered as a fairy-tale city. Outside of Mdina, there is one more beautiful place Rabat. Tourists can visit Mdina and Rabat on the same day.


Crete is the most populous and the largest island of Greece. You can appreciate the remains of splendid culture, check out the beautiful beaches, magnificent ridges, lush green canyon and hilly chasm. Around the island there are ancient Minoan ruins. In Crete, there are many beautiful places to visit. Heraklion is the capital and largest city of Crete. May be, it is not the most beautiful city of Crete but it certainly has the beauty of some historical places, olive groves, wine yards and vast valleys. Rethymno is the smallest city of Crete. It is one of the most beautiful places in the island. It is located between Mount Idi and White Mountains. Its hills, beautiful beaches, old monasteries, historical monuments and traditional villages takes us in some other world.


new orleans
New Orleans is located in the state of Louisiana in USA. It is the biggest port of United States and one of the most fascinating cities of the world. New Orleans is popularly popular for its recognizable French and Spanish architecture and heritage. The architecture of French Quarter of New Orleans is the main attraction for tourists. It is also famous for its delicious cuisines and shopping. Famous Jackson Square is located in the heart of French Quarter. This is a very beautiful place that is situated on the bank of Mississippi River. New Orleans City Park covers the biggest area of that place. It is embrace with Botanical Garden, Sculpture Garden, Museum, Water Park and old Oak trees which are more than 100 years old. The oldest tree is 800 years old.


Essaouira is situated in the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It is a place with various beautiful monuments and splendid culture. The Ramparts is the most popular place of Essaouira. The Ramparts are the guarding walls of the palace. It is thousands of years old, but still stands with grace and dignity on the sea coast. Essaouira’s beaches are popularly known for its water sports. It is indeed the divine city.

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