Four Steps to Vision Development in a True Leadership


Anyone can become a leader if the person strives for the development of a positive environment within the institution and also by changing the policies and the procedures. Leadership involves working in collaboration with others and guiding them in the educational process. Those people who pursue these rules are always expected to go beyond simple management and administrative tasks. They can go towards advancing and enhance the educational systems by endorsing and creating up to date policies. Here are some attributes of true leaders in any educational setup:

The vision should be communicated by a good leader all the time and there should be no restriction of whom it must be given. It is necessary to inform people about the working practices and the more they are delivered, the better the output will be received.

The vision development process:

A good leader must himself understand what the vision is in actual terms and there must be some process to achieve it. The process should be delivered to everyone around you and it must consist of all the visions and the values of the organization. You can think of this vision as a big idea which can make others motivated and working all the time.

Step no.1 Observe:

When you have to establish a vision, you have to become a shrewd observer of the world around you. You have to indulge yourself in the activities going on in your environment and must watch, listen and think carefully. Pay attention to what others are saying and ask questions from people around you, discuss your views and gather the information.

Step no.2 Reflect:

After you have taken all the info from your environment, then this is the time to turn inward. For instance, search for the important events in the firm and ask yourself the what and how questions about it. During the process of reflection, you might come up with any stories or examples which can help you to create your vision and elucidate the values. These stories also allow you to speak further about your own wisdom and experiences in an authentic manner.

Step no.3 Write:

We belong to a fast paced world and there is very less time available for everyone for reflection and writing on your own practices. There are many people who do not follow this step, but this is a big mistake. When you write something, you actually discover how to verbalize precisely what you mean. Many business education students do not know how to converse off the cuff. This is a highly important skill and when the vision formulation is going on, then it is mandatory to write it down as well.

Step no.4 Speak up:

If you have pursued the process on the whole, then speaking up and communicating your vision to others is a natural thing. A leader becomes much more influential and effectual when he or she is able to speak at the end of the process. However, this speaking must be scheduled and there must be a time to decipher the vision. It might require the leader to repeat the vision several times because there is less percentage of people who truthfully listen and remember the message.

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Four Steps to Vision Development in a True Leadership