Plums- A perfect father’s day gift


Hurrah! The season of plums is right here. Generally, the season of plums starts in the month of May and extends through October. While the European varieties grow in the fall, the Japanese varieties are the first to grow in May, peaking in August. Before getting into the details of the health benefits of plums, let us know this special fruit into a bit of depth.

Plums are relatives of nactarine, peaches and almonds and belong to the Prunus genus of plants. High in phenolic compounds, these fruits are best at this time of the year. Plums are a diverse group of species. If we are considering the Plum fruit, they are of medium size, diameter between 1 to 3 inches. They are generally oval-shaped, flesh being firm and juicy. It has a smooth peel and a natural waxy surface that adheres to the flesh. Plums are considered as “drupes” because their seeds are surrounded by a hard stone pit. They come in a variety of colours. The skins can be red, purple, blue-black, green, yellow while their flesh come in hues such as yellow, green, pink and orange.

They say that eating plums daily keeps a person healthy and beautiful. Following are the reasons why:

1. Speedy recovery after an exhausting workout – Citric Acid contained in this fruit, effectively reduces and prevents tiredness and muscle cramps.
2. Lower chances of specific forms of cancer – The importance of antioxidants in our body is known to many people across the globe. Plums possess increased antioxidants which reduce chances of cancer.
3. Protection against diabetic heart disease – Plums prevent oxidation of fats, cholesterols and triglycerides which circulate in blood. Hence, diabetic heart-disease patients are prescribed to have plums.
4. Reduces risk of age related muscular degeneration.
5. Multi-usage of presence of Vitamin C – Large amounts of Vitamin C are present in plums. This helps in absorption of iron and makes it available. It also improves immune system and is good for people having frequent ear infections.
6. Prevents Constipation and removes toxins from our body – Large amount of citric acid is present in plums which improve gastrointestinal and liver functions in our body. This prevents constipation.
7. Weight loss benefits – If you are planning a weight loss program, plums are your best friend. It is low in fat and calorie and rich in fibre, exactly what you need if you are initiating a weight loss program. Two grams of fibre and forty calories is what a medium sized plum contains. Consuming the right quantity of plums in our daily diet will significantly increase the dietary fibre.

Other health related benefits of plums include prevention of platelet clotting which may result in diseases like high blood pressure, Stroke and coronary heart diseases. It also contains potassium, vitamin A, magnesium and fibres which keep us healthy and energetic. Thus, plums are specially required for elderly people to improve their circulatory, digestive systems and also improve heart’s health. So, in future if you are planning of sending a father’s day fruit basket to your beloved dad, remember to give plums the highest priority.

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Plums- A perfect father’s day gift