The 3 Biggest Photography Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Photography is a difficult art to learn. At times, you can never be sure what works and what doesn’t. Hence, it is important to try out various things and learn from your mistakes. But what if there were good practices that were told to you before head? Well this article would cover top three mistakes that every photography beginner should avoid

1. Starting off in dark: Try to avoid that, as much as you can. Remember, darkness never yields a great result. So be sure to do away with it. Of course, as and when you learn more of the photography, you would be able to shoot in any condition, but for the time being stop the temptation of shooting in the dark. The quality of your photography will disappoint you. Be patient and explore your talent.

2. Don’t blindly follow the mentor: So many people do this mistake of blindly following the mentor. You must avoid this. Now, having a mentor is a good practice and you can definitely learn a lot of things from your mentor, but what you should be on the guard against is the temptation to follow them blindly.

Photography is great when it is performed creatively, so make sure that you are very creative when you go out to take pictures and let your own talent develop. Our subconscious mind develops and incubates a lot of things. And once it understands a few patterns it has the ability to learn from it.

Every good photographer will tell you that if you spend a good amount of time with the photography then you would develop a good sense about it and how it works. So always take a very creative approach to it.

3. Experiment: Follow the work of great people in photography, learn from the mentor but develop your own photography style. So many people try to copy a great photographer avoiding their own skills. Remember, the target isn’t to replicate Einstein, but to do something as innovative as he did. As long as you do things that interest you in photography and add your own perspective to things, it should work for you.

When it comes to experimenting, you can even try a lot of photography variation, for instance, you can try still images, moving images or speaking images. The latest advancement in technology is making it easy for photographers to a lot of things easily.

Voxweb for instance is an app that is available on both android and apple smartphones. It allows users to take photos and add a small 11-second voice clip to it. It is available for free download on both apple and android smartphones and many photographers are trying their luck by trying to get good audio selfies which look very hard to accomplish.

No matter what kind of photographer you are, you would hit the right chord once you follow it closely. Remember, perfection is all about putting in time and efforts. If you stick long enough, you should be there at the top.

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