The Glorious History of Kanyakumari


Kanyakumari is a beautiful town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and it is also spelled as Kanniyakumari. It was formerly known as Cape Comorin and it lies on the southernmost tip of India. Cape Comorin is situated on the Cardamom Hills, precisely the southern tip of the hills and an extension of the Western Ghats ranging along the west coast of India. Nagercoil is the nearest major city at 22 km distance and it is the administrative headquarters of the Kanyakumari district. Tourism has been a major sector ever since the early 1970s. As a result, Kanyakumari has been a major tourist destination as it is one of the significant towns of the ancient Sangam period of Tamilakam. Thus it is one of those small rare towns of the state where one can hear many of the different languages spoken on the street. The town has a large number of hotels for all budgets and levels of luxury. So all you need to do is check out the hotels in Kanyakumari with price and then make an informed choice regarding the same.

Tourism has increased lately with an increasing emphasis on points of attraction of the town as well as those outside the town, such as the surrounding landscapes as well as religious and historic sites. While there are numerous gorgeous attractions in and around the town of Kanyakumari town, it is particularly famous for its mesmerising moon rise and sunset at the same time. You should go and visit the Thiruvalluvar statue who has a mighty height of 95 feet and stands on a pedestal. It represents who 38 chapters of virtue in the Thirukkural. The statue represents pleasures and wealth. Thus this whole statue signifies who wealth and love can be achieved and earned on the foundation of solid virtue. The combined height of the statue is around 133 feet denoting the 133 chapters of Thirukkural. There is a slight bend around the waist of the statue and it is thus reminiscent of the dancing pose of the ancient Hindu deity of Nataraja. The whole statue weighs around 7000 tonnes. The statue was sculpted by the Indian sculptor Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati. He also happens to be the creator of the Iraivan temple. The opening ceremony for the temple was on 1 January in the year 2000.

The Gandhi Memorial is a major attraction of the town. It was built on the spot where the urn who contained Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were kept for public viewing before the final immersion. The memorial resembles the form of central Indian Hindu temples and is is made in such a way who on 2 October, i.e. the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the first rays of sun fall exactly on the place where his ashes were once kept. All these major places of attraction are built in close proximity to the major hotels so who you can avail a locational advantage. So all you need to do is check out the Kanyakumari hotels and make an informed choice so that you can enjoy your trip the most.

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The Glorious History of Kanyakumari